Thursday, October 4, 2007

Week 5

Area to clean: Half Bath

You may be asking Why I need a whole week to clean my half bath. I have four teenagers who primarily use that bathroom…nuff said….LOL. Well that and it gives me time to play catch-up. I fell a little behind, but now I am all caught up. :)

Holiday Prep
1) I bought 2 extra cans of corn for my Holidays menus.
2) I have begun to work on some of my Homemade gifts.
3) I went through another box of Christmas Decorations.

Well so far so good. I hope I can stay the course. I do love how my house is starting to feel more organized and clean! I love all the planning I have been able to do. :)

Week 4

Area to clean: Master Bedroom

I thoroughly cleaned my master bedroom. This didn’t take long at all as I usually keep up with this room. :)

1) Finished gift list. May add a few things later….but it is done! :)
2) Finished Holiday Budget. Is it what I want…NO…LOL. It is definitely workable though. :)
3) Wow my list of crafts and gifts websites is endless…lol.

Holiday Prep
1) Made a list of supplies I need to buy for my homemade gifts.
2) I bought 2 extra bags of flour for Holiday baking.
3) I went through another box of Christmas decorations.

It’s progress! :)

Week 3

Area to clean: Entry/Foyer

I thoroughly cleaned my foyer. My foyer is wood and I have 2 built in wooded benches. Kinda looks like a cabin…..:) So I had lot of dusting in the crevices. It looks beautiful now. I also went through all our coats hanging on the coat hangers and our shoe basket.

1) Finishing up my gift lists
2) Holiday budget is coming along…although not as much in it as I want…lol
3) Continuing making my crafts and gifts website list.

Holiday Prep:
1) I am starting to collect the things I need for my homemade gifts.
2) I bought 2 items needed for my Holiday Menus. (Frozen Green Beans)
3) I went through 1 box of Christmas decorations. To take inventory of what I have. I will try to go through 1 box a week. This way I can de-clutter and organize and make note of items I may need. :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Week 2

Area to Deep Clean: Living Room

I have thoroughly cleaned my Living room. I even re-arranged my furniture. :) Cleaned out and organized my coat closet. I was amazed at what I found lurking in my closet. LOL….found lots of items I had been searching for.

I replaced the batteries in my smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.


1) I am still working on my gifts list.
2) I am compiling a list of crafts and gifts websites.
3) I am working on a holiday budget….VERY Important. We are debt free (other than our Mortgage) and I want to stay that way!
I will have to control my impulse shopping for Christmas. :0

**Working on my gifts lists and holiday menus NOW instead of last minute is so nice and calming. I have the time to plan! :)

Week 1

I am late in my progress report. I fell a little behind but I am almost caught up!

Clean Front Porch:

I cleaned my front porch and decorated for fall. Pulled weeds….oh how I hate doing My yard looks nice and hopefully no more weeding and mowing till next Spring. :D

Lists I’m working on:

1) I have my Christmas card list done. I only have a few.
2) I have made my Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years menus.
3) I have made my baking plan list.
4) I have began working on my gift list
5) I have my freezer plan list

whew..week 1 done! :))